• Ideation Sketches

      Quickly visualizing ideas allows our great ones to surface early. Instead of describing a product’s aesthetic, use, or manufacturing method, we show it with visual realism.

      Sketching tables surrounded by whiteboards are at the center of our studio. They are the heart of our idea generation, and it is here that insight is made systematic. We develop the story of a product, and tell it with sketches.

      This allows us to collect our client’s feedback early. It also means that anyone within their organization can understand the plan.

      Great ideation eliminates misunderstanding.

    • Digital Modeling

      Great ideas only survive if they are feasible. Our understanding of materials and manufacturing processes ensures that creative ideas do not get lost in the production process.

      We create data for prototype fabrication and photo-realistic renderings from our digital models.

      Working with this level of realism allows our clients to see the future of a product before it is built, collect feedback from their customers, and get investors excited.

    • Photoreal Renderings

      Our rendering process brings our digital models to life in stunning real-world materials, vibrant colors, and calculated lighting.

      We can import all sorts of 3D file formats, such as .STEP (preferred), .IGES, .STL, Solidworks, Pro-Engineer, Unigraphics, and others.

    • Retail Packaging

      Consumer-facing design drives brand equity and increases sales.

      We develop packaging concepts using our product design process. This ensures the same thought and creativity are present in the product’s presentation.

      Great packaging and displays reinforce brand recognition, reduce shipping costs, and make customers remember your product.

    • Prototype Fabrication

      Prototype fabrication turns our creative vision into reality and allows our client to touch, feel, and try their product for the first time.

      Our studio houses a fabrication facility that blends cutting-edge digital machining and 3D printing techniques with traditional tools and shop processes.

      The designers who imagine our client’s product are responsible for prototyping it. As a result, no creativity is lost in the transition to a physical object.

      Our client is given the opportunity to test and validate our concepts quickly before we help them transition into manufacturing.