• Our Studio

      Our team designs innovative products, eye-catching graphics, and builds amazing prototypes.

      We help shape brands ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups & inventors looking for an innovative edge and an increase in sales.

      Our projects are fast-paced, creative explorations of new ideas, emerging technologies, and design challenges.

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      Our core staff comes from a variety of backgrounds, talents, educations, hobbies, and passions.

      We are experts in product design and brand identity, and we share the common goal of turning hidden opportunities into ideas people love.

      To learn more about our staff, connect with us on social media:







      Michael holds Bachelors & Masters degrees in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University. His experience in user-centric product and brand development ranges from military and defense applications to biomedical devices, consumer electronics, and many other categories.

      Michael is also an Adjunct Professor at NC State’s College of Design, where he teaches courses on digital drawing and rendering techniques at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

      Reach him at:




      Steven holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Industrial Design and Transportation Design from North Carolina State University and Pforzheim University, respectively.

      His expertise in quick visualization and product styling directs our industrial design team. The ability to not only direct a project, but creatively add to each aspect has streamlined our ID team’s process.

      Reach him at:




      Karen received her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, along with a minor in Business Administration from NC State University’s College of Design.

      Her understanding of brand identity, visual communication, and styling leads our Graphics & Branding team’s efforts in providing a fresh look and a memorable message to our clients’ customers in just about every industry there is.

      Reach her at:




      Ryan is a graduate of Brigham Young University, and a Utah native.

      His diverse background includes experience developing furniture and household products, accessibility and mobility systems, and off-road vehicle accessories. His background includes work with clients such as Target, Lowe’s, and Tempur-Pedic.

      Reach him at:




      Rachel Swiezynski holds a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design from NC State University’s College of Design.

      Her interests in modernist styling help to guide progressive branding efforts within our group. Her focus includes print, packaging, and interface design.

      Reach her at:


    • Sarah Tudor


      A graduate of NC State University’s College of Design, Sarah holds a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design.

      Her graphic style is influenced by an extensive background in international travel, and her passion for photography adds to the capabilities of our graphics department.

      Reach her at:


    • Natalie weiss


      Natalie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from NC State University’s College of Design. She brings a technical background in print and publication development to our graphics & branding team.

      Her love of typography and passion for purposeful imagery drive her success in publication design, stationery design, and brand identity work.


      Reach her at:


    • SAM Patterson


      Sam is a senior in Industrial Design at NC State University and where he will soon graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. He has received honors from the Celia Moh Foundation for his contributions to the furniture and home furnishings design industry.

      His creative process is driven by a rigorous knowledge of materials and manufacturing. He brings a fresh perspective to our design team, and a hands on approach to creative problem solving.

      Reach him at:


    • Ideation Sketches

      Quickly visualizing ideas allows our great ones to surface early. Instead of describing a product’s aesthetic, use, or manufacturing method, we show it with visual realism.

      Sketching tables surrounded by whiteboards are at the center of our studio. They are the heart of our idea generation, and it is here that insight is made systematic. We develop the story of a product, and tell it with sketches.

      This allows us to collect our client’s feedback early. It also means that anyone within their organization can understand the plan.

      Great ideation eliminates misunderstanding.

    • Our Services

      Building  your creative brand is our passion.

      Industrial Design
      • Market research of competitive products
      • Design sketches of new concepts and ideas
      • 3D CAD modeling of product geometry
      • Photorealistic renderings of our creative vision
      • Fabrication of functional prototypes for testing
      • Manufacturer sourcing & process management

      Graphic Design
      • Trend & market research
      • Initial ideation of branding elements
      • Digital layouts for print, web, and interactivity
      • Comprehensive design-to-print management
      • Packaging and point-of-sale design

      For examples of our work, see our overview page.
    • Sketch Competition

      Our staff votes weekly for the best sketch from our studio’s pin-up board.

      Earning a position on our staff requires extraordinary ideation and visualization abilities.

      Each week, a best-of-the-best visual earns a place on our studio’s rotating wall-of-fame. It also comes with bragging rights for seven glorious days.

      Move right to view previous entries, and check out our news page to see last week’s winner.

    • Steven Bockmann – 5/22/13

    • Michael Laut – 6/5/13

    • Michael Laut – 6/12/13

    • Steven Bockmann – 6/19/13

    • Ryan Dart – 6/26/13

    • Michael Laut – 6/28/13

    • Matt Bell

    • Shane Roepe – 1/24/14

    • Lance Cassidy

    • Michael Laut

    • Smith Newnam

    • Featured Press

      Our work for customers across the country and around the world has earned press with local publications and international news agencies.

      If you have a press inquiry about our work, our company, or what we’re currently up to, please direct any questions to info@lautdesign.com

    • Inventors +Startups

      Starting from a napkin sketch, or launching a product for the first time can be a daunting task.

      We work with startups and inventors almost every day, and have a tailored process for helping them succeed. We also have a portfolio full of success stories to help explain the process.

      If you’re curious about what it takes to be successful with a new product, or just have questions about how we work, please feel free to call or email us.

      We’re happy to help.


    • Brand Research

      Consumers make decisions based on branding dozens of times each day. Knowing what your customers look for in a brand is the best way to attract them to yours.

      We help companies introduce themselves, stay connected, and build a following.

      Our insight is strategically attained. We use tools such as market surveys, data retrieval, competitor analysis, opportunity identification, and focused sampling to learn what we need to know about opportunities with your customers.

      Once a strategy is identified, we begin designing the tools that will be needed to attract attention.

    • Digital Modeling

      Great ideas only survive if they are feasible. Our understanding of materials and manufacturing processes ensures that creative ideas do not get lost in the production process.

      We create data for prototype fabrication and photo-realistic renderings from our digital models.

      Working with this level of realism allows our clients to see the future of a product before it is built, collect feedback from their customers, and get investors excited.

    • Concept Generation

      Quick concept generation provides a wide range of ideas very early.

      Using traditional pen-on-paper sketching methods means speed and flow when we develop hundreds of ideas we will later refine and improve.

      These initial sketches allow our customers to see an in-progress body of work before any major decisions are made regarding future design direction.

    • Photoreal Renderings

      Our rendering process brings our digital models to life in stunning real-world materials, vibrant colors, and calculated lighting.

      We can import all sorts of 3D file formats, such as .STEP (preferred), .IGES, .STL, Solidworks, Pro-Engineer, Unigraphics, and others.

    • Digital Layout

      Once quick concept sketches are complete, we begin digitizing the best ideas that have surfaced.

      This process involves the re-creation of winning concepts in vector graphics software. This process allows refinement of ideas by dragging curves, adjusting colors, and working with blended layers to create effects.

      During this digital transition, we also select typefaces, layouts, color palettes, and print-ready dimensions that will ensure production processes are accurate.

    • Retail Packaging

      Consumer-facing design drives brand equity and increases sales.

      We develop packaging concepts using our product design process. This ensures the same thought and creativity are present in the product’s presentation.

      Great packaging and displays reinforce brand recognition, reduce shipping costs, and make customers remember your product.

    • User Experience

      Our team has extensive experience creating meaningful user interfaces and user experiences (UI/UX) for many industries and applications.

      We help develop beautiful on-screen graphics and web layouts, as well as fully-functional mobile application development.

      Mockups of on-screen displays and digital frameworks allow us to demonstrate usability before we go live with a completed package.

    • Prototype Fabrication

      Prototype fabrication turns our creative vision into reality and allows our client to touch, feel, and try their product for the first time.

      Our studio houses a fabrication facility that blends cutting-edge digital machining and 3D printing techniques with traditional tools and shop processes.

      The designers who imagine our client’s product are responsible for prototyping it. As a result, no creativity is lost in the transition to a physical object.

      Our client is given the opportunity to test and validate our concepts quickly before we help them transition into manufacturing.

    • Print Production

      Our graphics and branding team manages a strategic group of partners that help get samples and production material made.

      We manage large and small quantity printing, technical development for websites and mobile applications, and a variety of other ways that our clients’ work is made tangible.

      Once production samples are created, we are able to make any final adjustments that ensure the quality of our finished work.