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Laut Design creates products and brands that people love. Sharpen your pencil. Fill your toolbox. We can help with these resources.
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Sharpen your pencil.
Fill your toolbox.
We can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way.

Inventors + Startups

Q: Do you work with inventors and startup companies?


A: Absolutely, yes. A large percentage of our time is spent helping launch new ventures, creating new products, and refining strategy for small entities and individuals.

Q: Do I need a patent?


A: No, in fact it is often preferable that IP be filed after we complete concept development, refinement, and prototyping work. This allows for better protection and longevity in your patent filing.

Q: How do I know my idea is safe?


A: We will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if you like. Please see this link for our standard document, or request one from your attorney.

*We do not require an NDA to partner on projects.

Billing / Rates

Q: How do you charge for design services?


A: Each project arrangement is unique and has different requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss a specific project engagement.

Q: Can we arrange a retainer for services?


A: Yes, we have many client relationships based on monthly retainers for services.

Q: Is it possible to pay for services in installments?


A: Many of our projects require a 50% deposit payable prior to beginning work. In some cases we can accommodate a financial arrangement that allows for smaller payments over time. Please contact us to discuss specifics.