• Pepsi Touch

      The Pepsi Touch dispenser was a joint effort between Laut Design and beverage engineering group Wunderbar.

      The unit, which is only slightly larger than a household blender, allows ample countertop room for other equipment and ancillaries, while still maintaining brand presence within different restaurant environments.

      Deployed for testing internationally in over 12 countries, the unit was designed as the predecessor to the Pepsi Spire.

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    • Bollé Dutchess Goggle

      Bollé’s newest goggle for women is their best yet.

      Our challenge was to identify the preferences of the target user, gather inspiration from their style decisions, and design a new goggle that looked and worked better than anything else available.

      The Duchess is packed with technology to stay fog free and enhance the wearer’s vision. This small-to-medium fit goggle works seamlessly with a helmet and plush triple layer face foam keeps the wearer’s face warm.

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    • The oTwo Air Purifier by sgBlue

      Designed specifically for the home environment, the O-Two air purifier uses BioOx® organic compounds to remove 99.9% of pollutants from the air you breathe. Aside from operating completely silently, the O-Two also generates zero harmful waste, uses no filters, and uses less than 6 watts of energy while running.

      The unit is portable, and is designed to work on a bookshelf, countertop, or anywhere in the home. Aluminum vent accents wrap around a sleek black polycarbonate enclosure, topped by a large auto-dimming capacitive screen.

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    • Functional Prototype

    • Consumer Prototype

    • Delafield Air Disinfector

      Many facilities use vaporized hydrogen peroxide systems to disinfect rooms. These machines work well, but the hydrogen peroxide they spread is very, concentrated and is unsafe to breathe.

      By contrast the ideal gases produced by the Delafield Air Disinfector are safe to breathe and can be used continuously. This chemistry kills germs more slowly than vaporized hydrogen peroxide, but PHP keeps working while the room is being used.

      Our design is a sleek solution for a universal application. From households to hotels, our minimalist styling and sleek lines fit with many types of decor.

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    • Sherwood Scuba Regulators

      The best selling dive regulator on the planet.

      Building on a tradition and a track record of high quality, durability, and forward-thinking, we partnered with Sherwood to design their new line of dive regulators.

      As with any life-support system, every detail matters.

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    • BRUT prototype at DEMA 2008

    • Sherwood Blizzard

    • Cary Audio SLI-80 Integrated Amplifier

      Cary Audio, based in Apex, NC is a leader in lifelike music reproduction.

      Working alongside their engineering and marketing team, we helped develop a new faceplate aesthetic for their SLI-80 that would cary across their entire product line.

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    • SLI-80 Unit

    • SimpleServe Retail Kiosk

      A faster way to pay at retail, SimpleServe is a kiosk unit that allows the user to total an order, scan a credit card, and print a receipt from one streamlined unit.

      Using off-the-shelf components, we designed a chassis system that mounts a multitude of tablets, card readers, and receipt printers for full in-store customization.

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    • Ergonomics / ADA Study

    • Sherwood Amphos Dive Computer

      The Amphos is Sherwood’s newest addition to an already strong lineup of dive computers.

      Our concept blends traditional dive computer function with an aesthetic inspired by sea life forms.

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    • TriKayak XS-1

      Fast, stable and versatile, the XS-1 Kayak is equipped to handle any type of water conditions, activity, or user weight.

      A stable outrigger design combined with plenty of storage and a sleek v-shaped hull bring an unparalleled level of performance, capability, and fun.

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    • Prototype Fabrication

    • SofSole Insoles

      In order to explain the benefit of the new AIRR insoles, SofSole asked our ID team to create a set of exploded-view renderings detailing the individual layers of the product.

      These layers work together to produce the most comfortable insole available today.

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