Rugged tablet enclosures for harsh environments

    • Archangel IFLBA

      Archangel Armor’s internal frame load-bearing armor system utilizes a carbon fiber substructure that mechanically adjusts for different soldiers’ body types.

      Our challenge was to ergonomically identify the necessities in sizing, design the system, fabricate a mold, and prototype initial parts.

      The ergonomics test that followed showed a marked improvement over the US ARMY’s IOTV system.

    • Mold Fabrication


    • Mockup Test

    • Fit Test

    • KAP Plate Cover

      Designed to protect an armor plate in the event of a drop or misuse, the KAP Plate Cover is a 3/16″ thick open-cell EVA foam insert that shields the plate from all sides.

      Protection against hard armor fractures and de-lamination can make the difference between life and death of the soldier or officer.