• Bolt Bistro & Bar

      Situated in downtown Raleigh, Bolt is a unique blend of handcrafted industrial atmosphere and modern cuisine.

      Our team started with an existing establishment and formulated a plan for demolition and construction of the new space.

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    • Mura @ North Hills

      Raleigh’s premiere location for Sushi and Japanese fusion, Mura is one of a series of Eschelon Experiences’ concepts.

      Focusing on a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese architecture, landscapes and tradition, our team transformed Mura with brand-new custom-built surfaces, wall treatments, millwork, and signage.

      Mura is home to some of the most talented sushi chefs in the country. We welcomed the challenge of matching the interior to the cuisine.

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    • Surface Panel Fabrication

    • Completed Panels

    • Zinda Signage and Detailing

      Another of Eschelon Experiences’ concepts, and probably it’s most ambitious to date, Zinda is a lively blend of modern and ancient eastern influence.

      Inspired by the existing interior design, we developed one-of-a-kind signage and trim details for the space.

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    • Material Test

    • Sprout Pharmaceuticals

      Sprout Pharmaceuticals’ space in North Hills is as unique as their company mission: developing a solution for female sexual dysfunction.

      When developing a creative meeting space, furniture, and signage for Sprout, our inspiration came from their staff and leadership.

      Their entire group gathers together for lunch every day. They needed a space that not only fit the bodies, but represented their culture, their mission, and their story.

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    • Initial Sketches

    • Concept Model

    • Conference Table Model

    • Divider Concept

    • Glass Installation